Hello Neighbor Tillamook County Community Commitment

Commitment to Community

We share our Expectations of Conduct with guests in multiple ways: on our website, at time of booking, and upon arrival. These are enforceable standards required by the local jurisdiction. We think it’s good information for residents, too!

Here are a few examples:

Neighbors & Noise The neighborhood general quiet hours are from 10pm – 7am.

Parking Parked vehicles may not block driveways or emergency vehicle access lanes;Obstructed access means delays, and delays could cost someone’s life. Park smart.

Speed Limits Be mindful of posted speed limits. If you’re not sure, slow down.

Garbage All garbage will be put in the provided secure containers, and will be picked up

by a local franchised hauler at least 1x a week. Did you know it is a crime to put garbageinto a can that is not for your home?

RVs Occupied trailers and tents are not allowed on the premises at any time.

Pets “It is your duty to pickup your pet’s doody!”

Fires Fires are only allowed in designated areas, and should never be left unattended.

Fireworks The State Fire Marshall says “Keep it legal and keep it safe!” Fireworks are illegalin residential areas, and prohibited on all of our beaches.

Drones Be mindful of where you are flying, and respectful of private property and wildlife.

Extras during COVID We ask our guests: “In the last 14 days, has anyone in your party: 1) Been tested for COVID, 2) Tested positive for COVID, and 3) Exhibited symptoms of COVID?” We encourage social distancing, and offer contactless check-in & check-out.

May 2021 KCP homeowner newsletter

Kiwanda Coastal Properties
 Updates for Owners 5/13/2021
Gearing up for an epic summer!
This last winter has seen more demand than ever for the Oregon Coast, and vacation rentals in general. I have read that we are the only travel sector that experienced growth in 2020. Our team is working hard preparing to provide the best Pacific City beach vacations possible. We are thankful for your partnership, and the trust you have placed in us to keep your homes beautiful and ready for happy beach-goers. 

Tillamook County’s STR Operator License Fee
Ordinance 86 was ratified in January, and takes effect July 1, 2021. This is a new fee for vacation rental homeowners based upon gross revenue receipts each quarter. This will amount to about 2% of your total rent revenue. We have worked hard to increase rates to accommodate this fee. Tillamook County has been, and will continue to send notices regarding this fee.
We attempted to enforce a new guest fee to collect this on your behalf, but were notified by the county that we cannot legally pass this directly onto guests. We are still determining the best way to facilitate the payment of this fee for you. I believe we will require a management contract amendment  allowing us to withhold from your proceeds, and remit the payment on your behalf.

The fee was designed to fund work-force housing initiatives and emergency services. I strongly believe that short-term rental owners should not have to burden this fund on their own and that other lodging providers and tourist businesses should also be required to contribute to this fund. I will continue to advocate on your behalf with the county. One of my top priorities is to be involved in the policies that affect you as homeowners. 

The biggest challenge for 2021:
Up and down the coast we are seeing “help wanted” signs in almost every shop, lodging facility and restaurant. Due to a variety of factors, there is a significant lack of workforce supply. This isn’t a problem that can be solved in a short amount of time, so for this summer, coastal businesses are begging for patience from visitors. Here at KCP we are doing whatever we can to attain and keep good housekeeping staff; and we are so thankful for our long-term, hard-working loyal team. Our wages are high for the area (average housekeeper making more than $20/hour). We will work hard to make sure homes are guest ready, it just might take us a little longer than normal. It is not fun to operate this way, and rest-assured we are doing everything in our power to operate at full capacity. I LOVE marketing and filling every open night, but this season the priority will be making sure everyday we can be prepared to host your guests. 

Here’s some articles regarding the shortage:
 Employee Shortage Getting Dire on Oregon Coast
Hospitality industry faces complex hiring shortage of ‘crisis’ proportions
Help Wanted Hurts Everyone from Representative GombergWhat’s happening in PC?

The county is now charging $10 for parking at Cape Kiwanda, the turnaround (across from our office) and at the boat ramps. Yearly permits are available online for $55

COVID levels continue to fluctuate every 2 weeks; but at the moment we are in a “moderate” level meaning we can welcome 8 guests from 2 households into any home. We work hard to keep guests informed of the changing rules with constant messages, calls and texts. Restaurants have been open for in-person dining which definitely makes visitors happy.

The area is preparing for a extra crowded summer in our area and has hired a ‘destination manager’ for Pacific City to work for solutions and tourism management. I serve on the Pacific City Parking committee representing small business interests in helping to guide decisions to help manage tourisms and crowds. It’s always very important to advocate for Vacation Rentals in our community. Although most of the issues are caused by ‘day-trippers’, vacation rental guests often get blamed for everything from garbage, parking, dog-poop, parties and COVID…and that is just not the case. Well managed vacation homes mostly host nice families who enjoy and respect our beaches. As time-consuming as it can be sometimes, I find it extremely important to stay involved in local tourism related groups to advocate for our industry and your property rights.

I’ve been a board member on the Nestucca Valley Community Alliance working to build a skatepark in PC. Proud to say at the end of this month the brand new skatepark will be OPEN! It’s in the overflow parking lot near Cape Kiwanda. We’re still working on adding a playground and more fun community spaces.

The real estate market is still very low on inventory. Beach properties are in high demand and prices are soaring. If you don’t know already…we do have a fully staffed Real Estate office here with 5 agents (including myself) who can answer any questions about property value if you’re interested. 

Let’s be the Example!
Volunteer work and advocating in our small community is a priority for me personally, but I want to use KCP as more of a channel to guide additional resources to needy parts of our region. Last year we set up a community donation fund for guests to donate. Guests didn’t donate as much as we would like, but with our company match we distributed $800 to local charities. 

We have a couple of owners who have pledged to donate 5% of their earnings to our community fund. This is AMAZING and a phenomenal example. 

Again, with Vacation Rentals being the blame for everything that is wrong in the world (with the biggest argument being that rental money doesn’t stay in our community (WHICH I KNOW IS FALSE)); it would be extraordinary to promote that our owners have donated X amount to a charity fund in our area. 

Our current community donation fund benefits the Tillamook Animal Shelter, the South Tillamook County Food Bank, and the Nestucca Valley Community Alliance (working to build a park in PC). I can provide the donation receipts if requested for tax purposes. 

The Chamber has also recently called for donations for 4th of July fireworks. They need $3000 more and plan to host the fireworks display on the 4th this year! 

Will you pledge a set amount or a percentage monthly to our local charities? If you have another charity in mind please let me know. Or if you only want to donate to a specific charity, that’s fine too. We are willing to facilitate the donations.

Again, I am so grateful that you have chosen to work with us to represent your beach home. Our business is small but mighty and there is so much passion within our team for marketing and caring for your home. We are constantly working on ways to improve our service to make sure you get the most income, the nicest guests and the best home-care possible.  I’m always happy to discuss any of your thoughts, concerns, suggestions or ideas. Please contact me anytime. 

Nicole Twigg
503-816-9516 (cell)

Oregon Coast staffing shortage

Up and down the coast we are seeing “help wanted” signs in almost every shop, lodging facility and restaurant. Due to a variety of factors, there is a significant lack of workforce supply. This isn’t a problem that can be solved in a short amount of time, so for this summer, coastal businesses are begging for patience from visitors.

Some of the factors contributing to this staffing shortage are; sharp increase in tourism demand, lack of workforce housing, fears of COVID exposure in the workplace, and more. This is not only a problem on the Oregon Coast, but is echoed in many industries throughout the country.

Businesses are competing for great workers. Average pay rates are rising quickly and hiring incentives are mind-boggling. For example, the café in Neskowin is offering a $5000 bonus for summer workers. Other companies are offering a plethora of creative bonus incentives and higher rates than ever seen.

What can a visitor do? Local coastal small businesses want to be open and provide amazing levels of customer service and professionalism. The most helpful thing is to be patient and kind to the hard-working locals who keep things running. Oregon State Parks, and other local services to public areas are short-staffed too. Keep that in mind when leaving garbage or visiting natural areas. Packing out what you pack in is the most helpful thing you can do.

Here at Kiwanda Coastal Properties, we are fortunate to have an amazing core group of staff dedicated to providing excellent vacations and keeping the vacation homes beautiful and ready for guests. Our priorities are to continue this level of service; but a little extra patience and flexibility can definitely go a long way towards a positive experience for guests and locals.

We are thankful for our guests and visitors! You keep our local region moving, and we believe everyone needs more beach time.

Here is a quick list of relevant news sources:

Local State Representative David Gomberg says:

Up and down the Coast, we are seeing help wanted signs. Businesses can’t find workers. And the result is that some fast-food outlets are closed, service levels are strained in restaurants, shops are limiting hours, you can’t find a contractor, products become scarce or more expensive, and waits are longer everywhere from your doctor’s office to the pharmacy to getting your car serviced. All of us are being affected! FULL ARTICLE

State of Oregon Employment Department says:

Labor demand and wage growth remain strong, while the pool of candidates is smaller than you might think. FULL ARTICLE

New York Times says:

Owners across the country report a shortage in help, as rebounding business forces them to compete for a shrunken pool of applicants. FULL ARTICLE

A great article from Culture Study:

Some of these unfillable jobs are in places without affordable housing — or, like Missoula, where cost of living has continued to rise over the course of the pandemic. Others are seasonal and/or tourist-adjacent. Many are at restaurants, particularly fast-food

A quick search on google will echo this all across the country in the tourism and lodging sectors.

COVID Updates: restrictions, cleaning and what’s open

As of now, Tillamook County is in LOW RISK category.

This affects vacation rental occupancy rules. During this phase, we can only allow 10 guests from up to 4 households in a home. If you have more than 10 guests, you all should be from the same household in order to stay at a vacation rental in Pacific City.

We are still offering a very flexible cancellation policy. Check it out here. We really don’t want guests coming to our area if they are sick, or have been exposed. We are a small, rural community with limited resources and need lower COVID numbers so that our industries can stay open.

Restaurants are now open for dine-in at a limited capacity. Shops and other services are also open. Follow social distancing guidelines while in local businesses and in public areas. Call ahead to a business to see what they are recommending as far as masks, reservations, limitations, etc. Masks are advised and appreciated while in public spaces.

Additional cleaning: We have taken extra precautions for double-sanitizing and cleaning your rental. Our priority is the safety guests, residents and our staff. All linens, blankets and throw pillows are laundered or sanitized between guests. All hard surfaces are sanitized after cleaning. We are extending cleaning times and periods in homes between guests. We are using sanitizing misters after each clean in homes on all surfaces including upholstery. Each home will be inspected post-clean by our home-care team supervisors.

All homes will be supplied with additional sanitizing cleaner for guest use.

While we will work diligently to meet the 4pm check-in time, please offer us some flexibility in case our home-care team needs more time preparing your home.

Please let us know if any of your guests have not been well during your stay so that we may take extra cautions for our staff.

If you are feeling unwell prior to your visit, please utilize our flexible cancellation policy, or contact us for options.

Thank you for booking and staying with us during this time. We appreciate your business in keeping our coastal economy functioning.

Winter discounts! Coupon codes for new bookings.

Now is the time to book your winter escape from the city! Beach vacation rental homes are discounted now through March 18. Homes are all fully furnished and near the beach in Pacific City. Some are oceanfront or oceanview. Many are pet friendly.

Book today!

Winter Coupons valid now through March 17

COZYBEACH10 – 10% off 2 night stay
COZYBEACH15 – 15% off 3 night stay
COZYBEACH20 –  20% off 4 or more nights

Some property restrictions apply. Coupon only valid on new bookings made after 12/22.

Help the Local Coast Community While you Visit!

When you book a Kiwanda Coastal Properties vacation rental home, you will now have the option to donate to a community fund. As a a company, community involvement and being a good-neighbor has always been a priority for us. We are excited to invite our guests to also be a part of making our local area a better place. We know you love Pacific City too, and we’re hoping you’ll join us in supporting these 3 amazing local charities.

Occasionally, visitors and tourists get a bad rep with locals, and are blamed for a myriad of local issues like crowding, noise, litter, spreading of germs, etc. We feel that we are beyond lucky to live in this amazing place, and we are excited to share this bounty with visitors. It is not ours to keep, but ours to preserve. Also, giving visitors a chance to give back, is a win-win, and it is our goal that along with boosting these worthy causes, we can also spread the word that visitors are also stewards of our local community.

When you book direct, you can opt for a $10, $25, or $50 donation (or more than one!) If you already have a confirmed booking, just let us know you’d like to add the donation to your final statement.

We have chosen 3 local organizations that are very important to us and donations will be split equally:

Nestucca Valley Community Alliance is a community organization working to bring education and recreation opportunities to our area. The main focus is the development of a 5 acre park near Cape Kiwanda. The park plans include picnic areas, skate-park, playground and community gathering space.

Tillamook Animal Shelter serves the animal population of our area. Their mission is: To better the lives of animals through progressive sheltering, rescue, medical treatment, adoption, spaying and neutering, education, protection and defense against abuse and fostering of the human—animal bond.

South County Food Pantry is our local food bank serving all who are in need and is open every other Tuesday from the Nestucca Valley Presbyterian Church in Pacific City.

Updated 2020 Cancellation Policy ***EXTENDED for 2021***

TEMPORARY cancellation policy for 2020 through March 2021:

In order to ease the stress of the reality of 2020 (and beyond), we have relaxed our cancellation policy. You may cancel up to 7 days prior to arrival without penalty for all bookings completed through March 2021.

Our hope is that if someone in your group is not well, you will postpone your trip. Also, we want to be sensitive to everyone whose financial situation might change this year. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your potential or confirmed reservations.

For all bookings after March, standard cancellation policy applies:

Cancellation Policy
1/2 the total cost of the Booking is subject to forfeiture if reservation is canceled or changed within:

  • 60 days of arrival in summer months of July & August.
  • 30 days of arrival for all other months.
  • If the house is fully rebooked by another renter, cancellation charges (less $35) will be refunded.
  • Reservation cancellation fee is $35.

Important Info for Arriving Guests 2021

Thank you for choosing Pacific City and Kiwanda Coastal Properties for your beach trip. We are grateful that Tillamook County has deemed that we are again allowed to welcome visitors to our vacation rental homes. They have asked us to spread the following messages to help us to avoid a Covid outbreak in our area. Our rural community has very limited medical resources, and occasionally, daily supplies are hard to come by. We appreciate that you follow these guidelines while visiting our area:


Do not come to our area if anyone in your group has been sick with cold or flu symptoms within the past 10 days. 

Do not come if anyone has been exposed to Covid-19 within the past 14 days.

Follow social distancing guidelines while in local businesses and in public areas. Call ahead to a business to see what they are recommending as far as masks, reservations, limitations, etc. Masks are advised and appreciated while in public spaces.

The coast has been very popular with a lot more visitors than you may remember. Please plan accordingly, and plan to stay near your vacation home, and bike/walk as much as possible.

Bring as much as you can as far as groceries, etc. with you.  Shops and stores are open, but are often busier than normal, and low on certain supplies. 

And please be patient with our local services. Everyone is working hard to adapt. Protocol and requirements have been changed frequently.

Again, we do truly appreciate your business and we are hoping that with everyone’s sensitivity and cooperation, we’ll be able to continue to receive guests throughout the summer. 

Check in procedures and guidelines for your stay:

Please still check in at the office. Check in is at 3:30. While we will be diligent to honor this time, please be flexible as additional cleaning protocols sometimes take longer.

Please only one member of your party come into the office to pay. Please wait until you get to your rental house to use the bathroom. 

There will be additional, pre-mixed disinfectant cleaner for your use at the rental house. The house has been cleaned, and double sanitized, but we know sometimes you’d like to make triple sure 😉

Your home will be stocked with an initial supply of toilet paper and paper towels.

Please let us know if you need masks or gloves during your visit. While we don’t have unlimited supplies, we have enough for guests in need.

Cleaning and safety protocols regarding Covid-19 for our vacation rental homes and guests

Thank you for booking and staying with us during this time. We appreciate your business in keeping our coastal economy functioning. We have a temporary flexible cancellation policy in case you would like to change your plans.
We have taken extra precautions for double-sanitizing and cleaning your rental. Our priority is the safety guests, residents and our staff. All linens, blankets and throw pillows are laundered or sanitized between guests. All hard surfaces are sanitized after cleaning. We are extending cleaning times and periods in homes between guests. We are using sanitizing misters after each clean in homes on all surfaces including upholstery. Each home will be inspected post-clean by our home-care team supervisors.

All homes will be supplied with sanitizing cleaner for guest use.

While we will work diligently to meet the 4pm check-in time, please offer us some flexibility in case our home-care team needs more time preparing your home.

Please let us know if any of your guests have not been well during your stay so that we may take extra cautions for our staff.

If you are feeling unwell prior to your visit, please utilize our flexible cancellation policy, or contact us for options.

We have very limited medical services in this rural area and we need to do everything we can to protect residents and guests.
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your visit.

Nestucca Valley Wildlife Refuge

New trail adds adventure to this gorgeous viewpoint

This lovely spot, located about 10 minutes south of Pacific City, has long been a favorite for families looking for an easy hike with wonderful views of the Nestucca River, Pacific Ocean, and Coast Range.

Upon our arrival there on March 15 we were excited to see that a new trail had opened since our last visit- the “Two Rivers View” trail:  

The trail is approximately 1 mile long and takes you on a scenic loop from the parking area around Cannery Hill to a place where you can view the convergence of the “Big” and Little Nestucca Rivers.

At the start of the trail the view is focused on the ocean:

As you make your way into the forest you’re treated to peek-a-boo views of Haystack Rock and Pacific City. Looking through the hemlock, spruce and alder over Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda is a wonderful experience and you get the feeling you’re the first person to get this special perspective:

Continuing through the forest you can admire the natural coastal environment, with pristine spruce trees and strands of alder. We thought the below tree offered a portal to another world with its backwards “V” notch at the bottom:

The trail ends with panoramic, tree-lined views of the Nestucca River mouth and the estuary, including another unique perspective of Haystack Rock.

At the time of writing the final part of the trail was inaccessible due to a bald eagle nest being located in a large tree; however, the viewpoint that is open is well worth the stop.

We took the alternate route back up to the parking lot and were pleased that we did, being treated to beautiful views of the Nestucca River, Oretown, and Coast Range with snow capped peaks:

The hike took about an hour for us to complete with plenty of stops to enjoy views. The trail is well marked with several thoughtful benches to rest at:

We look forward to coming back to the refuge again. Maybe next time we’ll bring a picnic lunch, as we didn’t get to visit the picnic area this time.

The new trail is a great enhancement to an already worthwhile stop. The unique, panoramic views of this special area are incredible. It won’t be long until we visit again, especially as there are now two worthwhile trails to enjoy.

Nestucca Bay NWR is located on the west side of Highway 101 approximately six miles south of Pacific City. To visit the refuge, turn west off Highway 101 onto Christensen Road and proceed a half-mile to the first refuge parking lot and goose observation deck or continue along Cristensen Road to a second parking lot at the hiking trailheads.   

For more information about the refuge, visit https://www.fws.gov/refuge/nestucca_bay/.

See our previous posts on hiking in and around Pacific City.

Things to do in Pacific City for Spring Break

Spring Break in Pacific City: from Dune to Tideline

 Get ready for spring break in Pacific City – coming up at the end of the month (or the beginning of April, if you’re from Washington). There’s a lot going on with much to do and see, and Kiwanda Coastal Properties has your ticket to vacation fun with some tips you may not see anywhere else.

 The big to-do for the Pacific City area – indeed all the Oregon coast – during spring break is Whale Watching Week, happening March 21 – 29. There, volunteers sit atop high vantage points from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and help you spot the giant beasts on their migration. One of the big hotspots for this is Cape Kiwanda, right in Kiwanda Coastal Properties’ backyard, but also at Cape Meares, Neahkahnie Mountain and down in Lincoln City. 

The SOLVE Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup happens March 28 along all 364 miles of coastline, with 45 locations needing people to give them a good scrub. That includes the Pacific City area. To see a list of cleanup sites you can register for in advance, please visit solveoregon.org or call 503-943-2835. 

Cape Kiwanda’s attractions are numerous and certainly well known by regulars to Pacific City. The intricate, sometimes wildly-colored sandstone structure is one of the most photographed spots on the entire Oregon coast, and it’s generally an easy walk around the top once you trudge up that rather leg cramp-inducing initial 30 feet of loose sand. Up here, look straight west for awesome colors and funky shapes. Look north and the forms get even more complex and intriguing. 

If you want an even bigger workout head to the giant dune towering over everything. There, a fave pastime is sliding down the massive pile of sand by the seat of your pants – and some even love rolling down it. However, one of the latest crazes on the Oregon coast is sandboarding, essentially like snowboarding but on the sand. The local market here is the only place to rent these wild little wonders. 

Just a mile north of the cape is McPhillips Beach, and not quite a mile north of that is Tierra Del Mar. McPhillips is hidden behind a nondescript forest road darting off to the west, and from there you can drive your car on the beach. The big attraction here is that craggy black basalt mini-headland, which looks a little like an old Roman ruin. At Tierra Del Mar, there’s miles of pristine sand in either direction and you’ll often find yourself away from the maddening crowds. 

A short drive from Pacific City is Neskowin, about four miles to the south. Not only is it a hidden gem of a quiet village and beach but it has that magnificent Proposal Rock and the mysterious ghost forest stumps – 2,000-year-old remnants of an ancient forest that were covered up completely until maybe the last 100 years or so. Heading northward about 15 minutes along the Three Cape Drive, you’ll find Cape Lookout State Park and its unique beach as well as the sprawling headland of the same name.

There are still several beach vacation rental homes available for Spring Break and Kiwanda Coastal Properties is offering a 15% discount for stays longer than 3 days. Check out these homes or call us 503-965-7212 to book your Spring Break vacation home.

Spring Break Discount (NO LONGER APPLICABLE)

There are still great homes to choose from for Spring Break this year.

Plan now to get outdoors and adventuring together during the school break….Climb a sand dune and then reward yourself with a lovely pint…Get pizza take out and play board games… Look for whales… Learn about sea anemones in the tide-pools… And so much more!

15% off of last minute Spring Break bookings 3/20-4/4 of 3 nights or more. Special only applicable for new bookings. Use discount code 20SPRING15.

Book Direct!

Guest education day for #bookdirect is February 5!

Did you know that #BookDirect Day is Feb. 5? We’ve got six things you need to know about when deciding to book direct for some MAJOR savings on vacation rentals! 

BookDirect: A Better Way to Plan Your Play

With #BookDirect Education Day approaching on February 5, we’re gearing up to spread the word on how booking direct can save you time, money, and hassle on your next vacation. These days, the number of online travel sites (third-party agencies like Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, etc) can be overwhelming! We’re here to shed some light on why you should always book directly – and why third-party travel sites are not the best option for a stellar vacation.

Here’s what you get when you #BookDirect:

Lower Fees

When you book through a third-party travel site, that low nightly rate doesn’t show the hefty booking fees that most charge owners and renters. Companies like Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, Booking.com and others tack on substantial fees for using their site – sometimes hundreds of dollars! But when you book direct, you bypass those hidden booking fees. At Northwest Stays, we guarantee no additional Online Travel Agency booking fees for any of our destinations!  That means less cost for your stay – and more in your pocket for spending. It’s our Best Rate Guarantee!  You won’t find a cheaper price anywhere than booking direct!

Exclusive Specials

Speaking of saving money – when you book direct, you could get special pricing that third-party websites don’t offer. Most vacation rental management companies offer seasonal rates and discount pricing when you book direct, cutting your costs even more. They may even offer specials and discounts for local businesses and attractions, giving you more fun for less!  

More Choices

Many rental owners choose not to place their units on third-party sites because they’re often charged high commission rates for bookings. In fact, the best rentals in an area book easily, so they aren’t usually listed on travel sites at all. When you book directly with Northwest Stays and their local property managers, you’ll gain access to more (and better) homes and rentals to choose from. 

Local Knowledge

When you book direct, you’re working with a local owner or vacation manager – not a staff member of a large travel site who may not even live in the same state. Booking direct means you’re working with people who live, work, and play in the area, giving them intimate knowledge of your destination. They can give suggestions on local attractions, places to eat and drink, the best routes to avoid traffic, and more. At Northwest Stays, our vacation rental managers are always Pacific Northwest locals who are happy to share their expertise to give you the best local experiences. 

Easy Communication

When you book direct, you get immediate contact with your rental management company. That means questions or concerns about your stay can be asked – and answered – quicker than with large, intermediary travel sites. Sites like VRBO and Airbnb only rent you the accommodations. They aren’t there to help you should an issue arise with your rental. Having a local property manager means that if something does go wrong (don’t worry, it’s rare), they’ll be close at hand to make it right. When you book direct, your rental management company can also help with special needs or requests to make your trip easier. 

A Better Experience

Booking direct means a better overall experience. Local vacation rental management companies are more invested in your vacation and satisfaction, so they’ll go the extra mile to make sure both are five-star. They can easily match your vacation style to properties and areas to give you the best possible experience for the best possible price.

Planning a Pacific Northwest vacation? Don’t take the long way around – book your trip directly with Northwest Stays and our vacation rental partners! We offer a variety of rentals and provide easy book-direct options for every one of them. It’s the easiest way to ensure a stress-free, affordable vacation to one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

September discounts! It’s our favorite month!

15% off new bookings in September. Come visit the quieter beaches and great weather (usually but don’t hold us to that!)

Book now!

Pacific City beach vacation rental homes on the Oregon Coast. Affordable cabins and luxury homes. Some pet friendly.

Cape Lookout- The Perfect Day Hike

Not even 20 minutes up the road from Pacific City, is the second of the Three Capes Scenic Route- Cape Lookout. With 3 different marked hiking trails to choose from, it is a popular coastal hiking destination.

The most popular (and sometimes crowded) hiking trail is the Cape Lookout Trail: it is considered the best spot on the coast for watching the Gray Whale Migration, which occurs in the fall and spring each year. We were able to spot whales at the end of the trail head in late March, making their way around the peninsula- it was a delightful shared experience with fellow hikers! Others have spotted sea lions, seals, seabirds, as well as dolphins and Orcas from this unique location.

The Cape Trail is a lush 5 miles round trip hike, and is considered of moderate difficulty, family friendly and dogs are welcome on a leash.

Next up is the South Trail at Cape Lookout a 3.5 miles out and back trail, ending on a pristine secluded beach, with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and Cape Lookout. Rated as an easy hike, keep in mind it has switchbacks down the hill

side, and you have to hike back up! Bring a backpack lunch, and enjoy some time beachcombing- this beach is known for being a good place to find the increasingly rare glass floats. The South Trail hike is less crowded than the Cape Lookout Trail, is family friendly and dogs are welcome on a leash.


If you want to stay in a vacation rental close to these hiking trails, we have some unique options ranging from beachfront, to just a block or two away- check out our vacation rental options in the nearby neighborhood of Tierra Del Mar.

The third hiking trail option is the North Trail at Cape Lookout- and is our final spotlight on hiking in this unique coastal trail.

North Trail is also an out and back hike, but is the longest trail at close to 10 miles long. It is considered to be moderately difficult, still family friendly and dogs are welcome on a leash. There are amazing vista points, a unique suspension bridge and waterfalls along the way. The North Trail is the least traveled of the three, but also offers the possibility of spotting grey whales during their seasonal migration up and down the coast. 

Contact us today to reserve your vacation rental in Pacific City, or closer to Cape Lookout in Tierra Del Mar, we look forward to hosting you!

Spring Whale Watch Week

Video footage of whale spouts from Cape Kiwanda

Spring Whale watch week is coming up March 23 -31! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see the grey whale as it migrates past Cape Kiwanda on it’s journey along the Oregon Coast.

Few things capture our imagination and wonder like the Ocean’s Giants- As the largest marine mammals on earth, whales are a mysterious and captivating collection of animals that fascinate us!

Gray whales will be passing by Pacific City again in just over a week, as they head back up to Alaska to their Spring feeding grounds. Oregon’s parks departments will host Spring Whale Watch Week from about March 23rd to the 31st this year and we would love to host your vacation rental stay!

Spotting the gray whale migration takes patience, and not every trip to the Oregon coast will guarantee a sighting, but Pacific City has resident whales just off of Cape Kiwanda that make a sighting highly likely! For more information about the Spring Whale watch week, and tips on how to spot them check out the Oregon State Parks whale info site.

Cape Kiwanda Whale Spotting Location

The experience of seeing the mammoth, graceful animals in the open ocean is an unforgettable one; once you experience it, you too will probably hooked. Some of our guests in the past have been fortunate enough to see whales from the Pelican Pub while enjoying libations on the outside deck! Bring the family and create some memories that will last a lifetime: you can hike the Cape Kiwanda Sand Dune, beach comb for treasures, fly kites over the Pacific Ocean, hike some of our scenic coastal trails, nestle in one of our oceanfront vacation rentals and watch the surf, and of course catch the Spring Gray Whale Migration!


Here is a sampling of our vacation rentals that are still available for March:


Top O the Dune #157 – “Top O’ the Dune” is a spectacular oceanfront home with 180 degree oceanfront views. With almost 4000 square feet, this home is the private luxury retreat you’ve been looking for. There are 4 spacious bedrooms with 3 king sized beds and 4 full bathrooms. The gourmet kitchen ocean view opens into the great-room with a wall of windows. Downstairs is a complete party room with custom built bar, 2 flat screen TVs, pool table and shuffleboard. The upstairs deck walks out to direct beach access.



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Pacific City Dining

Pacific City is off the beaten path, and still bit of a secret compared to some of our neighboring coastal towns. With a population that hovers around 1000, and two main roads through town, you wouldn’t expect so many unique and delicious dining opportunities!


Our most well-known breakfast spot is hands down The Grateful Bread Bakery, from the Baker’s website: “We offer an assortment of fresh baked breads and pastries made from simple and wholesome ingredients. Many of Grateful Bread Bakery’s most popular items are the original recipes from 20 years ago, yet, the owner Robyn Barcroft and her staff continue to add new items on a regular basis. Customer favorites also include our delicious and fluffy scones. We have a variety of fruit filled scones and savory scones that are sure to please any craving, but the regular crowd-pleasers include the Cherry Almond,  Marionberry,  Chocolate Hazelnut,  Apricot Cream Cheese, and the Lemon- raspberry. The list of our delicious treats goes on and on. Our other bakery specialties include our gigantic and addicting cookies!” They also offer amazing breakfast and lunch items, with salads that are out of this world.

If you are staying closer to Cape Kiwanda and want to walk to breakfast and grab a great cup of coffee, check out Stimulus Coffee + Bakery : “Stop in anytime for a light breakfast or lunch, a sweet treat, or another cup of Joe. Our coffee is rich, Oregon-roasted, and flowing all the way to 6 pm. Spread out in our airy sunroom, with a few friends or a good thick book. Watch through the big bakery window as we create homemade breads and our signature Beach Buns. Choose from among our fresh-baked pastries (this is the hard part), grab a window seat, and stare out at the ocean.”


This next option is really one of our favorite lunch spots, but they also serve a KILLER breakfast burrito and in walking distance from Cape Kiwanda- Ben & Jeff’s Taco & Burgers Restaurant: “Serving Burgers, Tacos, Burritos, Fish & Chips, Breakfast Burritos. Beer ON TAP & Other Refreshments and lots more!
Monday, Wednesday thru Friday: 11 am to 5 pm. Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm.  Saturday and Sundays we are open at 9 for breakfast burritos & Bloody Mary’s.  Just steps from the beach in Pacific City Oregon.”

Want breakfast for dinner? Our local Village Coffee Shop offers: “Home of the Giant Chicken Fried Steak! Hamburgers, espresso, clam chowder, steak, and eggs are all sold at this coffee shop. Enjoy a meal any time of day – breakfast is served all day long!”

The best donuts in town are hands down at Megpies Bakery and Café:  They also offer fresh brewed coffee, specialty coffees, full breakfast and other menu items as well.

Lunch & Dinner:

There are a lot of options for Lunch & Dinner in Pacific City, as we already mentioned for breakfast burritos, Ben & Jeff’s Taco & Burgers Restaurant: has an amazing lunch menu! Casual and kid friendly, sandy toes are expected!

If you want more options and an iconic experience, walk across the street to Pelican Brewing Company: “The only beachfront brewpub in the Pacific Northwest, this inviting establishment welcomes guests with tantalizing beer cuisine, intimate brewery tours and, arguably, the most incredible beach patio experience around. Gaze in awe at Oregon’s largest Haystack Rock. Watch the surfers. See the sun set.”

A favorite super kid-friendly option for lunch or dinner is Doryland Pizza: “Doryland also offers a fresh salad bar, great sandwiches, pastas, clam chowder in a sourdough bowl and 12 rotating draft beers and wine.  The adults can enjoy big screen sports while the kids play a variety of new video games.”

Fish and Chips is an Oregon Coast favorite, and we think the best in town can be found at Sportman’s Pub-n-Grub: “PC Dory Caught Fresh Fish, Netarts Bay Oysters, Grill Burgers, Pizza and Mexican Food- Come join the fun and bump elbows with the locals.”

Are you craving something unique, maybe a fusion of flavors? We have a gem here in Pacific City! Right before you head over the bridge is Beach Wok Asian Food: “We are a small “mom and pop” business with a big desire to enhance our wonderful beach community by offering another option of food style. Each of our dishes are “INSPIRED” by various cuisines of different Asian countries.  One thing I learned from my Vietnamese Mama is that “there is NO one way to make an Asian dish” We take Inspiration from those cuisines then put our own spin on our dishes. We offer Gluten Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian Options. We use NO MSG, NO PEANUT OIL, AND ONLY VEGETABLE STOCK. Our style of cooking is to use fresh ingredients, fresh vegetables, we make our own sauces and cook in individual Woks.  Our Kitchen is Small and our Hearts are Big!”

Mexican Food and Margaritas? Yes, we have that here in Pacific City! Check out Los Caporales for authentic Mexican food, friendly atmosphere and excellent service! Check out their Facebook page for super affordable specials.

Another local restaurant with great outdoor seating and views of the beautiful Nestucca River is The Oar House Bar & Grill: Burgers, Seafood, Pasta, Steaks and More! Voted one of the top 10 Burger Destinations on the North Coast!

Just across the street from the Oar House is The River House, sitting right on the Nestucca River with amazing views and even more amazing food! Want an affordable fine dining experience, with locally caught fish? The River House offers lunch, afternoon and dinner menus -make a reservation you won’t be disappointed.

Last, but certainly not least is the Meridian Restaurant & Bar: “Tuck into the catch of the day and dishes sourced from Northwest farms and purveyors at Meridian. Exposed beams, Oregon hardwoods and sky-high windows create a stylish but relaxed dining experience. Join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or call us to arrange a private event.”

Wine Bar:

Pacific City even has its very own wine bar! Twist Wine Company– One of our favorite gathering places, come join us for a glass of wine and great conversation.

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Oregon Coast Hikes Near Pacific City — part 1

Oregon Coast Hikes-It’s All Here!

Right here in Pacific City we have miles and miles of some of the most picturesque hikes you can find. The difficulty of the hikes range from easy to technical, there is something for everyone! This Blog Post will be a 2-part post; there are so many local hikes we are going to break them down a bit.

 Cape Kiwanda- One of Three Capes in Tillamook County


Cape Kiwanda sand dune is a fun family attraction. The dune is steep and stopping to take in the views and catch your breath is expected. If you want to explore more, there are scenic safe areas on either side of the dune you can adventure around. Please be advised that the Cape is made of sandstone and though it seems like stable rock, it can and HAS crumbled under pressure. Please heed the postings, stay safe and have fun!

Head south about a mile and half from Cape Kiwanda and you will find Bob Straub State Park. Popular for horseback riding, there are 484 acres to explore. The park is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Nestucca River on the east side, with trails that run between the two. Within Bob Straub State Park is the peaceful, Nestucca Spit- it is about a 6-7 mile loop (who doesn’t love a hiking loop?) not heavily travelled, so you can be one with nature.

Haystack Rock & Cape Kiwanda views from the Nestucca Wildlife Refuge

Just a little south of Pacific City is the Nestucca Bay Wildlife Refuge, with Two Rivers Nature Trail. There are a couple of options in the wildlife refuge, you can stroll up to the lookout and take in the view all the way back to Cape Kiwanda, or head down the trail towards the ocean. There

are two different trails here, one that is mostly on a level dirt road, and another that ventures off more into the coa

stal forest. This spot has some nice restrooms, ample parking and some wildlife informational signs- great for the whole family. Are you a bird watcher? This is a fabulous location for bird watching including: osprey, sharp-shinned hawks, brown pelicans and a large variety of ducks.



Cape Mears Lighthouse

Want to hike all three Capes? Next up we have Cape Lookout, it is just 20 minutes up the road from Cape Kiwanda and absolutely worth the drive! As a matter of fact you pass a few hikes on the way: Sitka Sedge State Natural Reserve, Clay Myers State Natural Area at Whalen Island, and Sand Lake Recreation Area are all hiking areas you will pass on the way to Cape Lookout. This hike is unique, in that the first half of the hike is really well maintained. It is easy walking, and absolutely magical! You can feel the difference in breathing in the air, it is classified as a coastal rain forest and you can feel it all around you as you walk through it. Lush green ferns, moss covered trees, huge wild red

Octopus Tree Cape Mears

mushrooms- it looks like an elven forest. Parking can be a little crowded in the summer, but the trail is long and you rarely pass other hikers.

Further North is Cape Mears. Here you will be able to explore over three miles of hiking trails, again something for the whole family. There is a walking trail that is only about a mile long, that gently winds through huge spruce trees. As a point of interest, the largest Sitka Spruce Tree in the state of Oregon can be found here! Cape Mears has other attractions as well, including a lighthouse from the 1890’s that offers tours in the summer time.  Also, summer time is the best time of year to spot resident whales, along with seals and sea lions at Cape Mears. It is worth the 40-minute drive north to explore this Oregon coastal wonder.


Pacific City is special beachfront town, close to amazing hiking trails- where you can take in the rugged and majestic Oregon coast. Put on your hiking shoes and begin exploring. You could never hit all the trails in one stay, so we will look forward to having you back as guests again!

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Nestucca River Chinook Salmon Fishing

Pacific City boat launch

     Nestucca River Chinook Salmon & Steelhead Fishing

Pacific City has some of the best fishing around!

Spring Steelhead & Chinook

Highly prized Steelhead & Chinook Salmon will soon make their run on the Nestucca River that runs into the ocean near Pacific City. We will typically see about several hundred fish per year, with the best Steelhead usually caught between March & April, and the Chinook Salmon best in May & June.

According to local sources, winter steelhead will soon begin their arrival into Oregon’s coastal rivers, meaning it will be time for anglers to begin targeting the sea-run rainbow trout.

Spring chinook smolts are released in the spring near Farmer Creek, also from Three Rivers at the hatchery. Fishing is said to be best from Beaver down into Pacific City in late Spring. There is nothing more exciting that reeling in a 40-pound Chinook!


Pacific City local fishing guide Travis with a happy client

The Nestucca River has a healthy population of steelhead, Chinook salmon, and cutthroat trout. It flows through southern Tillamook County and enters the ocean at Pacific City. The Nestucca is one of the best places on the north coast to land winter steelhead over 20 pounds, and Chinook Salmon that can reach 50 pounds or more!

There are some amazing local fishing guides to help you find the best local fishing spots. Travis at Adrift Angling in Pacific City professionally guides fisherman along the Nestucca River. All you need is your fishing license and he will help you bring home fresh caught dinner! Sometimes, you can even drop crab pots along the way and bring home some yummy fresh Dungeness! 503-929-6847 adriftangling@gmail.com.

#102 Just Ducky Vacation rental riverfront in Pacific City

Just Ducky riverfront vacation rental home

If the river is calling you, this is a great time to reserve a property with us. Check out this cozy Nestucca Riverfront home in Pacific City, #102 – Just Ducky! Front row action to the Nestucca River fishing, also a lovely, calming waterfront view near the beach but secluded and peaceful.

We also have some oceanfront homes available, so you can winter storm watch if we have a stormy day or watch the sunset over the ocean on a calm clear day. Either way you won’t be disappointed.  Bring the family, and do some beach combing, fishing and relaxing. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Nestucca River Spring fishing

WOW! Huge Pacific City Nestucca River fish!

Oregon Coast Storm Watching

Stay Alert: Winter storms on the Oregon Coast are exhilarating to behold! Be sure to use caution and watch from a safe distance during storms.  Keep your distance from jetties, and stay back from low-lying areas like tide pools. Sneaker waves are truly unexpected, they come in quick and strong- never turn your back on the ocean.


Wave crashing over Cape Kiwanda photo sequence as taken this winter by Kiwanda Coastal Properties staff. One of the perks of working at our oceanfront vacation rentals.

Storm watching is a highly anticipated activity along the Oregon coast, howling winds, sideways rain and dramatic spindrift from the crashing waves brings winter excitement.

Here in Pacific City we have Cape Kiwanda, where giant waves crash and spray over the cape, putting on a display by nature that is unparallelled. Travelers come from all over the world to watch mother nature roar- staying in one of our oceanfront homes, bundled under a blanket with a crackling fire, it’s absolutely magical.

Many of our guests will hurry to the coast when the weather is warm and sunny, but those in the know also quickly pack for a trip to enjoy the show of a particularly strong storm! It is both thrilling and cozy all at the same time. Peak season for storm watching continues through March, so there is still time to experience the awe inspiring coastline endure pummeling rain, churning sea, crashing waves and massive sprays of salty water.

Don’t miss out, come join us! Book a stay with us before the season passes, you won’t be disappointed- just make sure to observe warning signs, and stay back off of the cliffs, and it will be a getaway to remember!

Day trip to Mt. Hebo from Pacific City

If you are looking for a day out that combines sweeping Pacific Ocean views, military history, winter sledding and volcanoes, Mount Hebo is perhaps the only place in Oregon to go.

Unlike most of our coastal attractions, Mount Hebo is best enjoyed outside of summer months on a clear day. While a summer visit to Mt. Hebo is still very pleasant, the risk of coastal fog reduces the view possibilities from the 3,000 ft summit. As you awaken in one of our rental houses, check for clouds to the west and east. If possible, check the Portland or McMinnville weather forecast for clear skies as well. If all is clear, then you are going to enjoy epic views of the Oregon Coast and Cascade Range.

pc from hebo

Haystack Rock and Pacific City views from Mt. Hebo hike.

Because Mt. Hebo hosted an Air Force Radar Station from 1956 until 1980, there is a paved road that takes you to the top of this impressive mountain. From Pacific City, follow Brooten Road to Highway 101 and turn left (north). After a scenic 10 minute drive winding through the Nestucca Valley with its historic dairy farms, you will be in Hebo. Once in Hebo, turn right on Highway 22 towards McMinnville and then turn left on Mt. Hebo Road. This road takes you through US Forest Land to the Mt. Hebo summit.

The forest clears once you get to the summit and you will find plenty of parking. Read the informative sign about the history of the Radar Station and imagine what it might have been like to have lived and served up here. As you walk to the west, you will see Haystack Rock and the Pacific Ocean appear.

From the westernmost point of the summit, you can enjoy a 100 mile wide Pacific Ocean panorama extending from Cape Foulweather in the south to Neahkahnie and Saddle Mountain in the north.

Mt. St. Helens views from Mt. Hebo

Mt. St. Helens views from Mt. Hebo

If you can turn your back on this view and head back towards your vehicle, you will then be treated to views of the Cascade Range. Mount St. Helens is the easiest volcano to see from Mt. Hebo- however, on the very clearest of days, you will also be able to see Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Hood, and Mount Jefferson. The below picture shows Mount St. Helens in the middle, with Mt. Rainier visible to the left and Mt. Adams being visible to the right. In the picture, Rainier and Adams appear to be little more than white smudges- however, in person this view is far more distinct.

After returning to your vehicle and heading back down the mountain, you might consider stopping at one of the turn offs to admire the Douglas fir and Sitka spruce trees. There are several signs that provide the visitor with information about this forest. You could also stop at Hebo Lake and take a quick hike around it.

Once you return to Hebo, you can turn left and head back to Pacific City, or you could turn right and head north to Tillamook. Tillamook has several points of interest that are worth a visit, from the well-known Tillamook Cheese Factory to the fascinating Tillamook County Pioneer Museum.

Mt. Hood as seen from Mt. Hebo on the Oregon Coast

Mt. Hood as seen from Mt. Hebo on the Oregon Coast

Other things to do around Mt Hebo

  • Hiking- Mt. Hebo offers many hiking opportunities. There are several trails which lead through forestland. You can also park your car near the bottom of the mountain and hike the road to the summit.
  • Fishing- Hebo Lake is stocked with trout. In the spring Oregon’s Department of Fish & Wildlife put on a “Free Fishing Day” for kids. Catching a fish is almost guaranteed!
  • Winter Sports- The summit of Mt. Hebo is often covered with deep snow in the winter. Snow may also fall at lower elevations on the mountain. If it is below 50 degrees F and wet in Pacific City, most likely it is snowing on Mt. Hebo. Talk to locals to find out more about snow conditions. The road to Mt. Hebo is not ploughed, gritted, or salted, so use extreme caution if you choose to drive up the mountain in winter conditions. All-wheel drive, traction tires and chains are all recommended. Excellent sledding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities are all there for the taking if you are adventurous.

Local Recycling for KCP renters!

Kiwanda Coastal Properties is so proud to announce that after months of working with Tillamook County Solid Waste that we can now offer local recycling to our renters!!

This is fantastic news as renters have never had this option, and many renters often take their recycling home with them because our local recycling center is not open at very convenient times and there is NO curbside pickup in Pacific City (or surrounding areas). Pacific City vacation rental homes are often frequented by ecologically minded customers who truly want to recycle. This has previously been nearly impossible to accommodate due to difficult logistics. Now, though…we are so proud to offer this service for vacation rental guests.

Kiwanda Coastal Properties has always thought it was horrible to share our beautiful, natural landscape, but not offer basic environmentally conscious services. Easy recycling in Pacific City has never been an option for vacation rental guests.

Now, we have recycling receptacles at our office. Housekeeping staff can transport small amounts of recycling to our office from the house, but we do ask that renters bring and sort their recycling upon check-out.